Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meet Two Broke Gals

We're two broke gals.  Shelle and Amanda.  Or Amanda and Shelle.  Your choice.

Gather 'round for some DIY crafts, delicious recipes, and snarky humor on a budget.

I'm Amanda.  Hello!  You'll be hearing from both of us, so I'll let you know when it's me (although you may be able to tell based on the stellar grammar and witty humor anyway).  I enjoy short walks on cloudy days, peanut butter, and aspire to someday grow up to be June Cleaver.  Shelle claims that I'm not even classy and could never pull off vacuuming in pearls, but I beg to differ.

Shelle, who will make her presence known by typos and colorful fonts, likes napping, Bravo, chocolate, and wears only black 365 days per year.  She worries this makes her sound like a "Goth," but really she just wants people to think she's classy.  Clearly, I must not wear enough black.

Correction: Shelle is reading over my shoulder, and claims that she looks best in black.  Apparently  it has nothing to do with being classy.  Although she still claims I'm not.

Student loans, grocery bills, rent, feeding my yarn addiction, and paying for electricity adds up pretty quick, so we're not kidding about being broke.  Our frequent laments over the state of our finances once prompted my father to mention that we could easily pass for the stars of a CBS sitcom.  Apparently he meant 2 Broke Girls, but I immediately assumed he was referring to Mike & Molly.  I was offended, clearly.

Although our posts about desserts may occasionally prompt you to make that assumption as well, I hope our frugal tips and do-it-yourself ideas will motivate all broke girls and overeaters alike.  Welcome to our blog, and please make yourselves at home (just take your shoes off at the door, we have yet to perfect a cheap recipe for stain remover!).

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