Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hot Meter! My Favorite Olympic Uniforms

Amanda and I have lived together for nine months. We do a lot together, cook dinner, watch TV, go grocery shopping...pretty much everything. I always knew she liked the Olympics, but you would think she knew someone competing in every event! She gets so into it, it is kinda cute. I'm not a big sports fan, and she likes sports less than I do, which is what makes this whole Olympic experience so funny! She wants me to be as excited as she is about this Olympics and I am keeping my energy level up...GO USA!

After taking a trip to the outlet mall last week and spending all of our 'fun' money for the month, in a way I'm glad the Olympics have Amanda in a trance. For the next 17 days we have a fun and free event 24/7!

I love fashion, which is not conducive to our Two Broke Gals lifestyle. So if I am going to be watching the Olympics, I had to find a way to make it fun for me.  Here are my top five favorite outfits from the opening ceremonies:

5. In fifth place we have the Bahamas, I appreciated how classy the outfits were. I liked the light blue jackets, it didn't look like they tried too hard. It was the right amount of class for the event.

4. Serbia gets fourth because the look is very Hamptons! Some day when we are Two Rich Gals, and can afford a house in the Hamptons we will have to get the designer of the Serbian team to make us some outfits!

3. Denmark got it right. I love a good cardigan, and those short red ones really work for the athletic bodies and the high-waisted skirt. I think the pearls were a nice touch. I would wear that outfit to work! 

2. The Netherlands- Huge fan of the trench coats! I love the bright blue in contrast with the bright orange. I think they stood out amongst the crowd and just looked so fashion forward. I want to move to Denmark and rock the shit out of that orange coat!

1. Brazil brought the heat, those Olympians looks damn sexy in the Brazilian uniforms. I loved the mix of neon yellow and green, I thought the outfits looked fun, and everyone seemed to enjoy wearing them. I think Brazil wore the outfits, they didn't get worn by them... cough cough like the US (what were you think Ralph Lauren?). 

Sound off in the comments below, what country wore it best? Am I crazy or was the US a HOT ASS MESS?

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